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The Dirty Little Secrets Nobody Talks About in Gaining Velocity for Pitchers….

How to Become a More Explosive, Athletic, & Powerful Pitcher

Dear Baseball Enthusiast,

In visiting with the Former Major League Pitcher and Pitching Coach, Brent Strom, we asked him “What are professional scouts looking for in baseball players?” His response was immediate…almost without thought… “The first thing we look for in a pitcher AND a position player is ‘speed…arm speed…bat speed…foot speed. For pitchers in particular, we are looking for a live, dynamic, loose, whip-like arm action. Bottom line, if the young man’s arm isn’t explosive…even if he is great at getting people out…he will never, ever get on our radar screen.”

The Truth Sometimes Sounds Harsh…But if You’re Smart…

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ESPN Recently Reported One Major League Franchise Had 62 Arm Surgeries on their Pitching Staff in about a 4 year span.

If you are interested in minimizing the risk of arm injury for you or your young athlete, read on……

Sixty-two (62) arm surgeries in 4 years! Not arm injuries, but arm surgeries. Unbelievable? Most professional organizations have about 65 to 75 pitchers in their entire organization. On average, almost every pitcher had a surgery in their organization in that 4 year span.

Is this an epidemic?..........looking at those numbers, one would think so. I’ve heard that many of the Major League organizations have similar numbers.

What we need to do is change the way training is done in baseball and break the chain. The arm injury rate in all of baseball is alarming and astronomical. All the way from the professional ranks down to the youth baseball player.

Why?.......Keep reading.

Boy, Did I Get Lucky Running Across this Gem of Baseball Pitching Wisdom Written By Legendary Hall of Fame Pitcher Christy Mathewson in 1912

If it wasn’t for a search I was doing around the country for a rare golf book, I may not ever have come across this incredible book, which is filled with amazing lessons, and stories of how baseball was played when the national pastime was still in its infancy.

In the early 1900’s, Hall of Fame pitcher, Christy Mathewson, was asked to write a book about his insights into the game of baseball from a major league pitcher’s point of view. You see, Matty, as he was know to his friends and foes, was a college student, a great writer, and he kept journals and notes about his experiences playing major league baseball for the New York Giants. In 1912, he did just that. Published this amazing collection of stories, insights, and lessons from one of the best pitchers the world has ever seen. The book is called Pitching in a Pinch. It is also known as Baseball from the Inside.

For Baseball Pitchers and Hitters…

We All Want It with Passion!

Introducing our newest addition to the family of performance enhancement DVD’s Pure Power Training for Pitchers and Hitters.

Dear baseball enthusiasts,

I can’t think of many baseball players that want to throw the ball harder or hit the ball further.

Power, speed, velocity. It’s what the game is made of and that’s the latest standard in baseball.

If you watch the different levels of the game from little league, the high school baseball, through the different levels of college baseball, and finally, the many levels of professional baseball, the biggest difference in the game? It’s the speed of the game.

The speed of the game is usually what weeds out the competition. The young baseball players that can handle the change of speed of the game move on.

The ones who can’t? They go home.

22" Phiten USA MLB necklace $34

Phiten USA MLB bracelet $24.99

Phiten Titanium Necklaces and Bracelets with Major League Baseball (MLB) logos are now available for Pre-Release Ordering!

Phiten USA has made available to their wholesalers (BioForce Baseball) the ability to purchase these limited supplied necklaces with each MLB team's colors and logos.

Dear fellow baseball fan!

A few months ago I was approached by a Phiten USA representative to sell the very popular Phiten Titanium sports necklaces and bracelets to our customers. I asked a few of our customers what they thought and the response was amazing.

My two boys both have been wearing the necklaces for a few years. I think more for the baseball fashion since Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling and other major league baseball (MLB) players have been wearing the titanium necklaces.

I do say, they enjoy wearing them as do a lot of the kids in our academy and ballparks around town.




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