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Dealing with a “My Way” Coach on Your Pitching Mechanics

I received this email from a long-time BioForce faithful. A.S. (I’ll use initials to protect the innocent). I have been working with A.S. since he was in little league. A.S. is now a division 1 pitcher. An incredible accomplishment for any athlete to compete at that level. But as you’ll see, the progression through baseball isn’t without some bumps in the road.

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“I am a Pitcher and Just Had Shoulder Surgery”

I’ll get right to the point. Just got an email this morning from a BioForce Faithful reader. This player just had shoulder surgery and wants to know about rehabbing going forward.

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To Switch Hit, Or Not to Switch Hit, That is the Question…

It’s amazing to me how some topics come to me in different directions, all around the same time.

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Pitching a Baseball is Nothing More than Tossing a Pebble into a Pond

The thing I love about teaching baseball players, and particularly pitchers, is that I am always learning and being reminded of lessons I’ve taught in the past, but have not used in a while.

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Raw Baseball-Athletic Talent is Not as Superior as Being Laser Focused

My message to you today is simple.

I would take laser focus and hard preparation any day over athletic ability. How many times have you heard or seen someone get something mainly because they have been blessed by the baseball or pitching Gods with incredible talent, but fall far short of their potential.

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Shopping in a Pinch for a Unique Baseball Gift

Now you have heard a lot from me over the months and years with baseball tips, articles, tidbits of information, instruction, and an occasional sales pitch for an item or two.

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Are You Finishing the Season Strong with Your Pitching and Hitting?

Dear BioForce Family,

I had an interesting event happen the last couple of days. One of our long-time customers, Mark, was approached by a very large ad agency to shadow what he does on a daily basis as a high school baseball player. This ad agency is putting a video piece together to show a large company what a day in the life of a high school baseball player is like.

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Have Less Fear With Your Curve Ball Or Slider While Pitching!

I received a great email from a BioForce Faithful recently. From one of our friends down under. Yes, they do play baseball in Australia. Not just cricket.

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My Pitching is Way Out of Control!

Fall is a great time of the year to be working on your control, but not in the way you might think.

Most people have wound down their baseball playing, but the dedicated athletes are winding up their training to prepare for next season.

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What Can I Do to Make Him a Better Pitcher?

I tell you, I’ve been getting a lot of great questions lately from all of the BioForce Faithful Family out there.

It gives me great inspiration to write and I have to think there are others out there with the same or similar questions. Keep your great questions coming.

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