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Stop Squishing The Bug

For Heaven’s Sake, Let’s Stop Squishing the Bug When We Hit and Start Hitting With Power!

A Few Reasons Why That Old Teach Robs You of Precious Hitting Power

I just finished a new article on the old teach of squishing the bug.

Now I realize when I talk about the old conventional wisdom and myth about squishing the bug while swinging the baseball bat in a negative light, I might upset some people.

I’m not worried about upsetting people; I want to help you become a better hitter.


Hang in there with me and follow my logic on why this old teach actually hurts the power in your swing and makes it difficult for you to adjust to off-speed pitches.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slamming the instructors that use that teach. In fact, we’ve all seen this teach on late night infomercials. And that’s exactly what it is, just a teach. Some instructors believe it is a hitting principle…or fundamental, but I’ll show you it isn’t. These instructors are not bad people; I just have found that using that logic of squishing the bug won’t help you get better. And here’s why……

To read the rest of the article, please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your web browser.


If you are looking for the answer to last week’s trivia….here it is.

Carl Yastremski….one of my Dad’s all-time favorite players.

Since this week’s tip or article is about hitting, let’s continue the trivia with a batting question….

Who is the only player in Major League history to hit 100 or more home runs for three different teams?

I hope this one gets you going a little.

Until next time…stop squishing the bug and.

Keep training like a champion today!

P.S. Here’s that link again if you need it…


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