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How to use video to help with your pitching or hitting

Dear BioForce Faithful, 

It’s been a little longer coming than I wanted, but we are ready to go with our video baseball pitching and hitting tips. 

My first one? Well, I’ve had a lot of emails and requests from readers how to use their own video clips from home to evaluate their pitching or hitting mechanics. 

So, I’ve put this video clip together using my video evaluation software and posted in on a page within the BioForce Baseball website. 

I’ve also included a couple of special offers on this page. You can download the free home version of our software and you can take advantage of an offer I made to the Jugs Sports customers for a video evaluation completed by BioForce. 

So, click on the link below and watch my tip on how to use video to help with your pitching mechanics and hitting mechanics. 

I’d love to hear your feedback or questions. Let’s get a dialog going on this subject! 

Train Like a Champion Today! 

Coach Bill Mooney 

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