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How to use video to help with your pitching or hitting

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"Bill Mooney's BioForce Baseball Boot Camp was just what my son needed to move up in his team and help them have the winningest season ever."
                             ~ Derek Smith


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For Baseball Pitchers and Hitters…

We All Want It with Passion!

Introducing our newest addition to the family of performance enhancement DVD’s Pure Power Training for Pitchers and Hitters.

Dear baseball enthusiasts,

I can’t think of many baseball players that want to throw the ball harder or hit the ball further.

Power, speed, velocity. It’s what the game is made of and that’s the latest standard in baseball.

If you watch the different levels of the game from little league, the high school baseball, through the different levels of college baseball, and finally, the many levels of professional baseball, the biggest difference in the game? It’s the speed of the game.

The speed of the game is usually what weeds out the competition. The young baseball players that can handle the change of speed of the game move on.

The ones who can’t? They go home.

Finally, a comprehensive program to help all baseball players train and develop more power in their throws, their hits, and running.

Sean Cochran, elite athlete trainer to many professional baseball players, guides you through 28 minutes of instruction, information and tons of exercises to help you achieve more power in you game.

The DVD is broken down into three levels of powerful leg and core exercises. As you progress and get better with level 1, you’ll be ready to add level 2 and level 3 into your program and develop that incredible explosive base your pitching delivery and your power swing at bat needs.

We’ve also included 3 level of core exercises to help you develop that incredibly strong core. Your core is essentially the engine that swings the bat or helps you deliver that incredible pitch.

What tools will I need?

The program is a progressive one. Meaning as you progress, we need to add resistance to make the exercises more challenging for you.

You’ll need access to medicine balls and elastic tubing. A box or bench to jump up onto or down would be helpful, but not critical.

And that’s it….oh yeah, and you’ll need the motivation to be the best ballplayer you can be.

We’ll give you the tools to be a More Powerful Pitcher or Hitter, you’ll need to bring the drive!

Private Trainers like Sean can cost and arm and a leg!

If you’ve priced out private trainers writing out a program for you or working with you regularly, it can cost thousands. I know athletes pay trainers like Sean upwards of $200 per hour.

You can get a half hour of Sean showing you how to perform a high quality Power Training session and all the exercises for only $29.95 (plus shipping).

To get going on your power-training program right away, just click below.

Train like a champion today!  

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