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How to use video to help with your pitching or hitting

You can download the free home version of our software and you can take advantage of an offer I made to the Jugs Sports customers for a video evaluation completed by BioForce.


"Bill Mooney's BioForce Baseball Boot Camp was just what my son needed to move up in his team and help them have the winningest season ever."
                             ~ Derek Smith


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I Can Personally Help You Make Huge Increases in Your Pitching Velocity, Gain Amazing Command on All Your Pitches, or Crush the Baseball at Bat Like a Major Leaguer!

With Only One Online Personalized Video Analysis of Your Pitching Delivery or Baseball Swing!

Dear Baseball Fanatic,

No doubt, you have been surfing the internet looking for ways to throw harder or have better control of all your pitches, or you might be looking to hit the ball with authority like Albert Pujols.

I'm sure you've seen plenty of websites promoting hitting systems or pitching programs that claim to help you throw harder or hit farther. In fact, I have some great instructional DVDs that have proven techniques that will do just that: help you throw harder and hit with more power. The problem with all of us pitching instruction and hitting instruction professionals selling our baseball instruction online is that we can only offer you the information to help you help yourself. There is no personalization or customization with a vast majority of the online products. There can't be. When you buy, you are on your own to make the changes without the feedback and guidance from me or other experts in baseball.

Until Now…

Over the last four years, I've racked my brain to find a way to reach more people with our highly successful training system and techniques in a more hands-on and personal approach with students.

With all of the wonderful advanced technology at our fingertips, it seemed like it should have been pretty easy to give you personal feedback. In the past, I've tried offering virtual instruction to our BioForce faithful customers with marginal success. Not that the baseball instruction or pitching and hitting information was marginal, but the stumbling blocks have been the technology, getting the message out in a user-friendly format, and delivering the product to our customers in a timely manner.

Video Analysis of Hitting

I had customers email me video clips to give them a personal one-on-one coaching session. It took way too long and was very labor intensive. Folks sent video clips to me via US Mail, and you can imagine my frustration and our customers' frustration with the whole snail mail thing and the slow turnaround. Again, I had to charge a pretty steep fee to cover the time to process the video clips. I was pleased with the product I sent to them and the customers appreciated it too, but it took too long and cost way too much.

So, I went back to the drawing board. I wanted a system to deliver a customized analysis to you with specific voice-over feedback and include some tips and drills to help you correct problems with your baseball swing or pitching mechanics.

The Most Amazing Video Analysis System Ever…

So, I continued my search to provide you personal high-quality instruction with the latest and greatest techniques at a very reasonable price (and get the video analysis back to you in a short amount of time.)

And I found the perfect solution!

Online Analysis Login

I have to say, my new system has surpassed my wildest dreams…

Here are several of the features I was looking for, and found, to be able to connect and help you online with your pitching delivery or hitting swing. With our exciting new Online Academy, I will be able to….

  1. Talk directly to you about your strengths and weaknesses while showing the video clip of your pitching delivery or swing mechanics…
  2. Break down your baseball swing, softball swing, or pitching delivery in super slow-motion and stop and go back to a certain point in the delivery or swing…
  3. Measure your tempo and rhythm to help with consistency…
  4. Measure your spine angles, posture changes, timing, and other angles, while visually showing you how some of your current pitching mechanics or hitting mechanics may be robbing you of valuable pitching velocity or killing your bat speed… or what is making it hard to be consistent...
  5. Compare multiple pitching deliveries or swings side by side or with an overlay to illustrate the challenges you have with control or where you are losing valuable pitching velocity or bat speed…
  6. Drop in other videos to compare your pitching delivery or hitting mechanics with other great baseball players…
  7. Drop short video clips into your personal analysis to show you some great drills to help you increase your pitching velocity, improve your control, or increase your hitting power!

Here's a 6 minute video clip that shows you some of the capabilities of our great system….

Buy Now

So, How is the BioForce Online Academy Going to Make Me a Better Pitcher or Hitter? You Might Be Asking Yourself…

"How can Coach Mooney help me from his computer halfway across the country, or world?"

It's easy really. If you've read many of my articles, tips, and special reports, you know I'm all about teaching principles, not style. I focus on our pitching and hitting principles. I don't try to get you to look like someone else. You simply upload a video clip of your pitching delivery or hitting swing to a personal locker we will set up for you, and I will examine your pitching mechanics or hitting mechanics to help you see if you are…

  1. Generating energy appropriately
  2. Making movements that make it tough to be more consistent with your pitching delivery or hitting mechanics
  3. Robbing yourself of power with a poor timing mechanism, or if you have great timing. Great timing is what awesome pitching mechanics or hitting mechanics is all about. Poor timing results in poor performance
  4. Flat-out losing power. As you move up each level in baseball or softball, the game gets faster. You need to have more power to compete. Do you want to create more pitching velocity or increase your bat speed?

And you will finally understand how your personal timing, tempo, and rhythm affect your pitching mechanics or hitting mechanics.

Once we've identified your strengths and weaknesses, we will chart a course towards improvement. I will include some awesome pitching drills or hitting drills in your personalized analysis so you can be on your way to fast improvement. Don't worry, I won't send you a ton of drills and leave it up to you to figure out what to do with all of them. That's what's great about our system. I will give you only the drills you will need to improve your specific challenges with your swing or your pitching mechanics. That's what I do with our students at our indoor academy: work on specific challenges today!

On phones too

Got a cell phone that plays video? Well, we can also send your lesson directly to your phone to review anytime and as often as you like.

This online analysis and lesson isn't for everyone.

I can only complete 25 video analyses each week. So, I am looking to appeal to the most dedicated baseball pitchers, baseball hitters and softball hitters for this program. Your age doesn't really matter. How many All-Star teams or All-World teams you've made isn't important to me. I want to help the most dedicated baseball and softball players reach their dreams and goals.

In our academy we've had an average of 65% of our players continue on to play college baseball. That's an amazing number compared to the less than 10% of athletes nationally that go on to play beyond high school.

What's our secret? Our training system and motivating the athletes to work smart, hard, and focus on their goals.

That's what I want to help you achieve. Surpass your goals!

One WORD can save you a lot of aggravation and pain. Saying this one word can CATAPULT you to success!

Before I get to that one word, let's talk about what you will be getting from me. I'm sure most of you have been to a pitching instructor or hitting instructor before and you've left the lesson disappointed, happy, or somewhat ho-hum about the session. And that's all you are left with most lesson givers, a feeling and maybe a little information and probably a pat on the back saying how well you did today. Just think about that; you've probably spent between $50 and $100 or more for the 1-hour session and don't have anything permanent in your hand for your time and money. How much do you remember or absorb when you get a lesson? Most experts would say students generally retain 10% to 30% of what they learn in a session. How much will you retain if you can watch the session over and over and over?

With our online session together, you not only get great information on pitching or hitting principles and techniques that are MLB and Division 1 College proven, you have a permanent record of that video session. Review it as often as you like. Imagine how much information you will retain when you watch it over and over.

In fact, if you have a cell phone that plays video, watch it anywhere, anytime. I will also give you some great pitching drills or hitting drills to help you specifically, not a bunch of generic drills in some huge handbook that you will never use. What can some of those drill books and DVDs cost on the internet? I've seen them go from $30 to over $300 on different websites. And, you most likely won't use most of the information you receive from these so-called gurus anyway, so why overpay for the information?

If you call our indoor academy out of the blue and ask for a video evaluation, the fee at our academy for this comprehensive initial one-on-one video evaluation is $130 US and there wouldn't be any bonuses. But, if you're willing to take one tiny step forward TODAY, I'm going to let you come on board and get the personal online evaluation of either your pitching mechanics or hitting mechanics for the low amount of $99.99.

That one word I was talking about? Say "YES" to a video evaluation and it will get you going on the path to success. Say "YES" and we will also mail you a copy of our Pure Power Training for Pitchers and Hitters (DVD) as a FREE bonus!That's FREE! A $29.99 value just for saying "YES".

Yes…Buy Now

Still Not Ready to Say YES? Here's My Personal Guarantee

Imagine what strange looks and stammering you would get from your lesson-giver if you ask them to guarantee their lessons. I do guarantee all of our products. If for any reason you don't find the video evaluation to your liking, just let me know and we'll refund your full $99.99 fee, and you can keep the FREE DVD.

No funny looks….

No stammering.

Fair enough?

Here's What You Will Receive Just for Saying "YES"….

  • Instructions on how to film your swing or pitching delivery
  • One video evaluation of either your pitching mechanics or hitting mechanics
  • A thorough explanation of our proven MLB and College Division 1 pitching mechanics or hitting mechanics
  • A permanent record of our session together to review whenever you want
  • Drills to help you specifically, not generic drills
  • Free video software
  • Your own personal online locker
  • A FREE copy of Pure Power Training for Pitchers and Hitters (DVD) a $29.99 value
  • And, a 50% discount on any additional video evaluations you would like to complete after this first session! A savings of about $50 per video session!

Buy Now

How Do I Send My Video Clips to You?

This is where the beauty of our system comes alive. Once you've purchase the video evaluation, we will direct you to our BioForce Online Academy Page. There, you will be able to download your personal FREE copy of the home version of our software. All you will need is a digital video camera, like most of us already have, a cable to hook up your video camera to your computer, and you are in business. Your personal locker will be set up and you will be able to send me your clips through your locker. Within a business day or two, voila, your evaluation and plan to get better is right there ready for you to review and get to business!

So jump aboard, my friend. You've truly got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Buy Now

In one of my favorite movies of all time…the Shawshank Redemption…Tim Robbins tells Morgan Freeman… “I guess it comes down to a simple choice really…either get busy living…or get busy dying.”

I've made the decision to put together this great personal baseball and softball video evaluation program with that attitude. Maybe you are ready for that type of decision, too.

Now it is your turn. We have structured this so that you have absolutely no risk. You could call it a no-brainer. All the pressure is on us to perform. If we don’t meet or exceed your expectations you walk away without paying one dime…BUT if we DO exactly what we say we do…and believe me we will knock your socks off…You or your son or daughter will get the needed edge to move up to that next level…. whether that is pitching on a travel team…making the high school team…getting a college scholarship or…getting drafted. Like Tim Robbins' character Andy Dufrane says, “It comes down to a simple choice really…”

Train Like a Champion Today!!!

Bill Mooney
Coach Bill Mooney

P.S. Just click the link below and you are on the way to better pitching velocity, better pitching control, greater bat speed, and better hitting mechanics. There's no risk. If you don't like our product, (but I'm sure you will), I will gladly refund your $99.99 and you can keep my FREE DVD gift to you!

P.P.S. And don't forget, you also get the FREE home version of our great software and a personal locker to capture your clips and review at home!

Buy Now

Here is What a Few of the BioForce Raving Fans Have to Say About Us!!!

"With Bill’s background in baseball on a number of levels, I feel like a pitcher that goes through his BioForce Program will be properly prepared to pitch beyond the high school level.”

Pat Casey
Head Coach, 2 Time National Champion Oregon State University Beavers

“Bill Mooney is one of few pitching coaches in the nation who has been certified by The National Pitching Association and Functional Fitness, Inc. I have found that Bill is one of the finest young pitching coaches in the country today. His knowledge and instruction are the most up-to-date and progressive you’ll find. With his knowledge, teaching skills and background Bill does an outstanding job helping pitchers perform at their peak and remain healthy.”
Dr. Tom House
Performance expert. Former Major League Pitcher. Former Major League pitching coach. Current coach and mentor to many star major league pitchers. Co-founder of the National Pitching Association.

“I went to the BioForce Baseball Academy for a period of six weeks from the Dominican Republic to improve my pitching mechanics and gain some velocity. During my initial evaluation, we found that I had a shoulder problem that was holding me back from gaining velocity. But still, with that minor setback, the BioForce trainers did an excellent job improving my conditioning, my mechanics, and the mental aspect of the game. I would recommend BioForce to any baseball player who wants to improve their game from Little Leaguers to Major Leaguers.”
~ Juan Marichal, Jr
Son of hall of fame pitcher, Juan Marichal

Juan Marichal Jr. and Coach Mooney

"Bill has been working with Alec since Alec was 12. Alec is now pitching for Saint Mary's College and for the Green Bay Bullfrogs in the summer Northwoods Collegiate League. Bill not only understands baseball pitching intimately, but more importantly he knows how to communicate that information to his students in a manner that is understandable and actionable. Bill's new video service is the ideal compliment to his hands-on instruction. Not only did the video analysis help Alec fix some immediate problems, but Alec now is building a library of these videos with Bill that he can review during the season and during the off-season. These videos ensure that Alec is constantly fine-tuning his mechanics and form."

Bill Schmarzo
Father of D1 pitcher Alec Schmarzo

Alec and Coach Mooney

“As a former major league pitcher, pitching coach and current coordinator of pitching for the Montreal Expos, I am always searching for information and instruction that can help me improve. Most would guess that the best, most informative teachings come out of the professional game, but it has been my experience that the instructors who have dealt with hundreds of kids from all ages really have seen what works and doesn’t work. Such is the case for Bill Mooney and BioForce Baseball Academy. Having watched him interact and teach what we know today to be right, I would not hesitate to allow him to work with our pitchers. To place that trust in someone is the highest compliment I can pay to a fellow pitching coach. Without question, Bill Mooney is an outstanding coach and one worth learning from and training with.”
Brent Strom
Former major league pitching coach for the Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals and currently the Minor League pitching coordinator of the St. Louis Cardinals

Coach Mooney and Coach Strom

What One Father says about Coach Mooney and his Son’s career pitching in the College World Series and now professionally

“Bill Mooney has always shown personal interest and genuine care for Michael. He instilled the merits of hard work very early in Mike's career which has led to his success on the mound in high school, college and the pros. Bill Mooney does a tremendous job communicating with his students. He teaches the value of a positive attitude on the mound and in life which allows his students to reach their full potential. Bill's grasp of pitching mechanics creates an atmosphere for his students to succeed on the mound. There is no doubt that Michael's success in high school, college and professionally is a direct result of his time spent with Coach Mooney. Mike recently signed with the Phillies, but no matter where Mike's career goes, I am sure that Mike will always consider Bill Mooney as a mentor and friend.”
Chris Stutes, Father

Mike tutes
Mike Stutes

Guy Field, BioForce Fan and User of the Online Academy

"I have been a parent for 17 years and a CFO for more than 20 years. My son has been a pitcher for 7 years and can't get enough of it. He'd pitch in a snowstorm if he could convince a batter and catcher to join him. He would, of course, insist on using a white ball.

As a CFO I know from experience the following mantra produces real results..."If you want to improve performance, rise to the next level and get the most return from your investment, you have to set goals, measure the activity and report it to those involved".

A year ago my son asked for professional training. After looking at several options, we selected Coach Mooney and BioForce. We were impressed with Bill's experience, clientele, methodology, maturity and his use of video feedback. The video process was easy, the feedback was instant and my son immediately improved.

But the final measure of a player's performance and thus training comes from his play during the games. Using game video, however, was anything, but easy or timely for the video technician (read parent), the instructor or the player. BioForce's online academy has solved this pain in the....well you know...this major hassle. We have used Bill's Online Academy several times. It is infinitely more user friendly for all involved. The hassles are gone. The feedback is overnight instead of days or weeks. The time and dollars spent are significantly less. No more purchasing of expensive software. Want to buy mine? No more long hours learning to use the software. No more running to the store to purchase blank DVDs. No more transfer to the DVD. No more mailing or ferrying the DVD to the instructor's facility. No more waiting a week or two or month to coordinate your son's game and homework schedule with the instructor so they can review and learn from the game video. In less than 15 minutes, I can transfer the video from the camera to my computer and send to BioForce. The next day my son receives the video file back from BioForce in his email complete with audio analysis and notations. He'd prefer a text, but I ain't paying for that kind of mobile bandwidth. 15 minutes to send out, 5- 10 minutes to review the professional analysis and it's on to the next game much better prepared.

Before I was a CFO, I was a surfer. So I know AWESOME when I see it. This is AWESOME - dude!'

"That video analysis you sent me is amazing!!! This is super cool. I think this is an amazing and useful tool for anyone wanting to improve their approach at the plate. I wish I could have had everyone on my team get this done at the beginning of the season, and monitor throughout the season.....I think we would be much much stronger!
Great job!'

Ty Dix
Youth Coach and BioForce Customer

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