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The Dirty Little Secrets Nobody Talks About in Gaining Velocity for Pitchers….

How to Become a More Explosive, Athletic, & Powerful Pitcher

Dear Baseball Enthusiast,

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In visiting with the Former Major League Pitcher and Pitching Coach, Brent Strom, we asked him “What are professional scouts looking for in baseball players?” His response was immediate…almost without thought… “The first thing we look for in a pitcher AND a position player is ‘speed…arm speed…bat speed…foot speed. For pitchers in particular, we are looking for a live, dynamic, loose, whip-like arm action. Bottom line, if the young man’s arm isn’t explosive…even if he is great at getting people out…he will never, ever get on our radar screen.”

The Truth Sometimes Sounds Harsh…
But if You’re Smart…

Let’s take a look at the significance of what he just said. In all frankness and candor, if you aren’t SERIOUSLY developing and enhancing your ability to throw harder…and harder…and harder on a daily, weekly and monthly basis…your already slim chances at professional baseball evolve to almost zero. That probably sounds harsh. But it is the truth. It is the reality of moving up at almost any level in baseball.

In truth, if you have read this far…instinctively you know what I just said is true. You know that on a team of 12 year olds…the one who throws the hardest will be treated differently…he will be given more time to get lined up…he will be given more chances to fail. Another 12 year old who is identical in every other performance measure (strike %, ERA, BB/K ratio, Hits/ Innings pitched etc.) but throws 8 mph slower…will be pulled sooner… and will get far fewer chances to ‘right his ship’ if he struggles. THAT is simply reality. Fair or unfair, that is the way it has always been…and that is the way it will always remain.

Your ‘Pitching Time’ Insurance Policy: Velocity

Another truth: Every pitcher…at every level will at times struggle getting people out. For many softer throwers, this time of struggle occasionally becomes a death knoll. Meaning that if you…the softer thrower… struggle a little bit …they may put you on the shelf indefinitely…or until you ‘go away’. At the BioForce Academy we recognize that velocity can be our pitcher’s primary insurance policy.

If you are in the top 25% of velocity for your age group…you will almost always have a ‘job’. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it as a softer thrower…Jamie Moyer, Randy Jones and Tom Glavine have proved that you can…but the room for error is exponentially smaller without good velocity. People rarely will have enough patience to see you through those absolutely inevitable periods of struggle or needed development if you don’t have something substantial coming out of your arm.

If you know velocity is critical…& I know it is critical…surely other baseball people also have to know it. Why then do most instructors never seem to talk about how to improve velocity?

The dirty little secrets nobody talks about velocity are…

Most instructors & lessons givers certainly do realize that velocity is critical…and although most would never admit it…they really aren’t sure exactly how to improve it.

* To 80% of all instructors of pitching, velocity is a mystical, mysterious thing. When talking about improving it…Most will say something vague and smacking of profound wisdom like… ‘use his legs and hips more…lift weights…get bigger…drop down…more over the top…push off more…throw more long toss…etc. The same old warn out clichés.

* Another 15% simply throw up the white flag and try to talk you into the fact that ‘velocity is genetic’…or ‘you can’t teach speed’…or…sound like a Real Estate Agent and say the key to pitching is ‘location, location, location’.

And the Truth IS….

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Velocity is indeed a very complex component. Here are some facts about velocity:

Velocity is a composite of many different variables…namely skill specific strength, body part alignment, body part sequencing and most importantly, body part synchronization. With the right program we can address all of these simultaneously. As a matter of fact…addressing them simultaneously is by far and away the most effective method available.

Velocity certainly has a genetic component. But velocity also has a motor learning component as well as a neuromuscular component. Since we may never truly understand or be able to quantify our true genetic potential…if we truly wish to make significant gains in velocity we must go to work on and trust in the other two and disregard any estimates or limitations upon our genetic possibilities.

Many, many times our preconceived, self-imposed limitations of what is possible… IS THE PROBLEM. Simply put, we most often get in our own way. We underachieve. We accept only being a mere % of our true potential. And a lot this starts with a “some just don’t have the genes to throw hard” malarkey.

Velocity can be improved…and IS being improved on a daily basis in a few select places and by a few select people around the USA. The BioForce Baseball Academy is one of those few places.

Velocity is by far and away the #1 determining factor in whether a pitcher moves up to the next level or not. It doesn’t matter if that level is travel ball, HS, JC, Div I college or professional levels from low A to Major League. The conversation between coaches, scouts, pitching coordinators and GM’s begins with velocity. Now is it the only factor? Heavens no! But anyone who would suggest velocity isn’t #1 is simply not being truthful.

O.K. Coach Mooney, let’s just say everything you’ve said so far is 100% true. So what do we do? Where do we turn to? What are our options?

Let’s talk turkey! The average pitching lesson in the USA consists primarily about imparting upon the student the instructor’s interpretation of what ideal ‘mechanics’ are. You’ve seen it. “This is how I did it…or this is how Nolan Ryan (fill in the professional model of your choice) did it”… There are several problems with this method.

1) No two people agree on exactly what ‘ideal’ mechanics are. Big problem.

2) Teaching ‘mechanics’ typically turns into teaching a personal preference or a preferred style or form. Bigger problem.

3) Teaching a preferred style or form typically has nothing what so ever to do with improving or enhancing the 4 major contributors to velocity (strength, alignment, sequencing and synchronization). Biggest Problem.

Bottom Line: Thousands of Young Pitching Athletes ALL over the US who ‘look better’ to the ‘eye’ of the instructor…(they should look better to this person- look who taught him his form)…BUT…BUT in a game…show no significant sign of improved performance. What is Your Recourse…What are your Options?

Your Answer: BioForce’s “How to Become a More Explosive, Athletic, & Powerful Pitcher” DVD.

* At BioForce we don’t teach a style or a form or a personal preference. This old stale method of instruction is why most NEVER throw 90mph.

* At BioForce we cut to the chase. We spend all of our time working on the 4 major contributors to velocity. We get results!

* Our unique reverse progression throwing drills will help your motor learning like never before.

* How do you improve results? You measure them.

* At BioForce, we are all about training your body specific to the activity.

On this DVD, you’ll meet Sean Cochran, Elite Athlete Trainer. He’ll show you some great power training drills to help build that explosive strength you need.

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What does one BioForce Parent say about their experience?

"I would highly recommend the BioForce system to anyone that is serious about reaching their pitching potential. The instruction is first rate with an emphasis on strengthening individual weaknesses. We are so impressed with the program and instructors that we drive 3 ½ hours round trip for the opportunity to train at the BioForce Academy."

Jerry B. Father of BioForce Elite Program pitcher

Now, in our area, the typical private lesson fee is anywhere from $40 to $70 per half hour. With our DVD, you will receive almost a full hour of instruction as well as many of our results oriented drills and as a special bonus, several explosive conditioning drills from Elite trainer, Sean Cochran.

To get this much private instruction and information with me and Sean could cost you over $250. So, the $39.99 price of this DVD is a small fraction of what you would typically pay for this incredible information.

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your pitching velocity…well here is your chance. The time is now…


PS. Don’t buy into the fact that others say velocity isn’t the answer or it can’t be taught or enhanced. You know velocity in and of itself is not the answer…but it sure helps.

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