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You can download the free home version of our software and you can take advantage of an offer I made to the Jugs Sports customers for a video evaluation completed by BioForce.


“Bill Mooney is one of few pitching coaches in the nation who has been Certified by The National Pitching Association and Functional Fitness, Inc. I have found that Bill is one of the finest young pitching coaches in the country today. His knowledge and instruction are the most up-to-date and progressive you’ll find. With his knowledge, teaching skills and background Bill does an outstanding job helping pitchers perform at their peak and remain healthy.”

~  Dr. Tom House


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BioForce Indoor Academy

Mike Stutes"I would recommend getting into the BioForce Baseball Academy as soon as possible because their training techniques place you a step ahead of the competition."

Mike Stutes, Long-Time BioForce Student
Two-Time National Champion Oregon State Beavers
Drafted 2008 Philadelphia Phillies

Dear Fellow Baseball Fan,

There's no greater satisfaction our Academy can receive than getting a testimonial like that from a player/student who has worked hard and is living his dream.

Click for moreThis student has been working with Coach Mooney for almost eight years and is chasing his dream of being a Major League Baseball player.

You can live your dream, too, with a focus and the great training techniques at BioForce.

Speaking of training techniques and doing things differently, this reminds me of a story told to me recently about a 26 day walking marathon in a rural area of a foreign country?  I think it was Australia. Apparently, there is a grueling contest for those who dare to compete. Can you imagine race walking in a desolate area for 26 days? The fastest overall time wins. Heck, I'm not sure what the prize was, probably bragging rights. These crazy guys would walk for 6 hours, sleep 6, and walk 6 every day for 26 days. The winner never beat the competition by more than 15 minutes in the history of the race. That's it, 15 minutes after 26 days of racing? or should I say surviving. These techniques, 6 hours on, 6 hours off, weren't the rules, just the norm? the way everyone competed. Just a bunch of followers who thought conventional wisdom on how to compete was the only and best way. Well, along came a stranger from the hills, dressed in farmer clothes, overalls and regular work boots entering to compete. He was just an ordinary Joe, not a trained athlete. He didn't have the fancy hiking boots and hi-tech clothing that the others were wearing. Just plain old work boots.

Well, this farmer went out and beat the competition hands down. He didn't beat everyone by 15 minutes; he beat them by 11 DAYS! Imagine that...11 Days.

How did he do it? He didn't follow the other competitors' strategy. He had is own instincts, he walked until he got tired and then rested and got up and walked again. Well, he walked 12 hours, slept 3; walked 12 hours slept 3 and so on. His method was a lot different and obviously more successful. While the others were sleeping, he was extending his lead on the competition. Apparently his method became the norm and the next year, everyone walked the route they same way and beat the old records by 11 days or so.

Did he train this way? Probably not. I doubt he even trained at all. He just did not allow the "norm" to dictate what he should do. His different techniques achieved incredible results.

What's the moral of this story? "Don't be a follower and do the same old stuff." If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. Try new things, experiment. Don't let what the masses dictate what you should do.

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BioForce Places You Ahead of the Competition

What Results have we achieved in our first year?

In our first 7 months we had 20 kids participate on 7 teams that have won state championships.

In our first year of business, 100% of our senior pitchers this past year have gone on to play college baseball.

One of our pitchers was honored with an all-tournament team appointment in the 13 year old Babe Ruth World Series. Five of the players on that team train at BioForce. Their team finished 2nd in the country? that's the USA. Is the Success of our Academy and our Students a Self Fulfilling Prophecy or a Great Vision?

In January of 2004 I was quoted saying this about our mission as an Academy...

"We have spent a lot of time this past year traveling the country searching for the latest in pitchers training techniques. We want to be able to offer the best instruction to our clients. Teamed with the National Pitching Association, Brent Strom and our unique velocity training, we feel BioForce Baseball Academy will help Oregon become a hot-bed for pitchers. We aim to have many college and professional scouts take notice of our better prepared athletes."  Isn't it great when a Plan comes together?

Heck, I'm not going to argue the point, call it what you want. Self-fulfilling prophecy. A great vision. Hard work. Great curriculum. Outstanding and dedicated students. I do know one thing. These great athletes have the 3 C's and 1 B in common.

  1. Commitment
    1. These athletes have a burning desire to be the best.
    2. They train to be the best and seek out the best information available.
    3. We at BioForce are committed to giving you the best information, instruction and inspiration available anywhere in the country. We are passionately committed to our students, achieving the best results in the area.
  2. Consistency
    1. These Elite Athletes work on their game consistently all year around, whether it's in their garage, gym or our academy.
    2. You will find our instructors teaching our principles consistently. We don't have dozens of instructors teaching their own style. Most academies around the country teach this way, never the same principles taught consistently from instructor to instructor.
  3. Convenience
    1. To train consistently, the times location and frequency must be convenient or you'll never make it happen.
    2. We have maximum flexibility in our Elite pitching classes. Come whatever night fits into your busy schedule. Private training for hitting, fielding and pitching can be scheduled well in advance to fit your schedule.
  4. BioForce
    1. Of course I have to plug the academy. Seriously, these Elite athletes have selected our academy to train with because we deliver results. What kind or results?

Let me share a story about one of our newer clients...

Brandon Rupp, a 21 year old left-handed junior pitcher, now attending the Division III National Champion George Fox University, came to us in late June 2004 to help him with his pitching. He was very frustrated pitching during this past spring. He had no pop on his fastball throwing around 80-81 miles per hour. He had a hard time locating his pitches, no sharp break to his curveball and was about to hang up his cleats for the summer. After 6 weeks of training with us, he gained 6.1 miles per hour on his fastball, now has a nasty breaking pitch and a dirty changeup. He went on to become a starter for his summer team after beginning the summer as a reliever. You should talk to Brandon now. He is one of the most motivated athletes I've seen. He feels he has a new lease on his career. He's even talking about getting drafted in next year's amateur draft. Brandon recently broke his personal best velocity marks by throwing a regular weighted baseball 89.7 miles per hour. That's almost a 10 mile per hour improvement!!! Here's what Brandon had to say about his BioForce experience...

"I would fully endorse BioForce to any parent because in a short period of time it has honestly changed my baseball career and my ability to pitch."

Brandon Rupp,
George Fox University Student Athlete
Division 3 National Champions 2004

Brandon has worked very hard and wants to be a professional pitcher. He also says this about his general observations of our academy... "BioForce is well run, complete physical training to improve a pitcher in all phases." Is it bragging if I state more facts about the results our athletes have achieved and who is watching us closely?

*Many of the Division 3 National Champion George Fox University pitching staff is training in our academy at their coach's recommendation.

*Two of our Pitchers have received scholarships to Division 1 colleges within our first year.

*One of our Pitchers has been drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

*Several local Colleges and Universities have referred their pitchers to us for advanced training.

*Three of the 2004 4A Oregon 1st Team All-State Players train at our Academy.

* Our Elite Pitching students have gained an average of 6.22 miles per hour in their first 6 weeks.

Heck, just this week, one of our college pitchers shattered all of his velocity records. His season just ended (one of our state championship pitchers) and he is still gaining velocity even this late in the season. Four of our students competed in the Regional Little League Tournament in San Bernardino. They were very close to traveling to Williamsport. Two of our pitchers got wins in the regional tournament.

Two of our pitchers threw for the 4A 2004 Oregon State Champion High School Team. Combined, they gave up 2 earned runs in 5 games.

One of our pitchers pitched in the 2006 College World Series and beat the University of Miami! Let me continue.

One of our 11-year-old Pitchers struck out 15 batters in a State Championship game. Think of it. Fifteen batters. That's 15 outs out of 18 needed for the whole game.

Five of our students played in the 13-year-old Babe Ruth World Series, placing second in the country, not county, but the entire United States.

The examples can go on and on.

What's the moral to this story? To be a champion, you need a focused vision, the desire to be the best, consistently training, even in the off season, and find the best instruction available. That's where we come in. What Baseball Training programs does BioForce offer?

We are certainly known in Oregon and Southwest Washington primarily as a Pitching Academy.

But we do offer more Pitching

Our flagship program is our popular Elite Pitching. We have now added our newest module to the Elite Pitching, our Elite Plus. With the Elite Plus, you additionally get private training to use however you'd like. For hitting, fielding, additional pitching or maybe conditioning. Your choice.

We will be soon be announcing our newest program, the Elite Gold. The Elite gold is probably the most comprehensive baseball training program available in the country. This is for the serious baseball player. This program includes 15 weeks of personalized instruction. Not only do you receive outstanding biomechanics instruction, you will learn how to set up your own strength and conditioning program as well as develop a work ethic surpassed by nobody through our Life-Skills Mental Emotional program. More information to follow. Hitting, Private/Semi-Private Training and Catching

We certainly offer a comprehensive private instruction program for Hitting including the fundamentals of the swing, proper conditioning, mental approach to the game as well as hitting off speed pitches, developing a game plan etc. We also offer the Elite Gold for hitting, fielding and catching too.

One of our newest programs is our Elite Catching. As with all of our programs, we have a curriculum that includes measuring progress and results.

If you are looking for Fielding help, we can set up a personalized private training program for you.

So feel free to drop in, call or email if you would like more information and want to get registered today! 503-644-5500

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