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You can download the free home version of our software and you can take advantage of an offer I made to the Jugs Sports customers for a video evaluation completed by BioForce.



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“Baseball is a game of failure, taught by negative people in a misinformation environment. Most coaches are simply unprepared to really help the young people in their charge. They simply teach what they’ve been taught. My suggestion to parents…be very careful who you let work with your most precious possession…your child. Most cannot help him. Many will actually hurt his chances. My advice is to choose carefully and wisely”.

  ~  Tom House

The BioForce and WebBall 3-Day Elite Pitching & Hitting Camp

If Pitching or Hitting is Your Passion, You Can’t Afford to Pass Up the Most Intense, Most Comprehensive, 3-Day Pitching & Hitting Training Camp West of Fenway Park!

Our intense pitchers and hitters training camp is not for the faint of heart. Not for the pitcher or hitter looking to throw a few pitches, take a few cuts, hear a few stories, and waste a few valuable days on the same old pitching and hitting instruction. This camp is for those who want the best and are looking to find out what is holding them back from big velocity gains and improving their control, hitting for power, and developing a real hitting approach.

Dear Baseball Enthusiast,

I am serious about looking for 30 passionate baseball players who want an unforgettable and quite possibly career changing learning experience.

I’m probably like you. I’ve been to the bargain pitching or hitting clinics where the instructor says the same thing I’ve heard for years….get your balance point….get on top of the ball….ball against the wall….land on your toe, drop and drive, stay back, squish the bug…etc….etc…etc.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of that stuff. I’ve even worked at some camps like that….it puts me to sleep.

My name is Bill Mooney, owner and lead instructor at BioForce Baseball. I am very passionate about giving elite athletes the tools it takes to reach the levels of their dreams.

At BioForce, we are doing something really exciting and completely different than you’ll experience anywhere else. This training camp will not be a cattle-call clinic where there are a ton of kids and everyone pays a cheap price. We are not about cheap. We are about quality of information and instruction. An investment of time that will pay dividends.

This BioForce Elite 3-Day Camp should challenge you physically and mentally, helping you learn pitching and hitting down to the core…at a real deep level.

If you really want to be a student of the game, and learn the correct way to pitch…and I mean that in a way that will help you make velocity gains you’ve only dreamed of, gain better control than anyone in your league, hit the ball more consistently with more power, and best of all, minimize the risk of injury… then this is the opportunity for you.

This BioForce training camp will be presented by the experienced and dedicated BioForce staff along with the experts at WebBall and local health professionals.

I was a pitcher and all around ballplayer in my younger days. Even pitched a little in college until I came down with an arm problem. BioForce is the product of what I learned from my mistakes. Mistakes I didn’t want my own sons to make. Mistakes I don’t want our students to make. You see, I listened to conventional wisdom and trained the wrong way. I’ve made it my passion to not let others make those same mistakes.

I’ve been teaching pitching and hitting for years. I have been trained by the best. I’ve traveled the country educating myself on the finer points of pitching and hitting biomechanics. I’ve surrounded myself with the best in physical and performance training.

That’s why this camp is even more special.

How Can You Expect to Get Better if You Don’t Know Your Limitations?

I learned early on that you are only as strong as your weakest link.

If it is mechanically, you are as strong as your weakest movement.

Physically, you are as strong as the weakest part of your body.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with an incredible physical therapist at our academy. We want to help our students identify what is holding them back.

In this special 3-day clinic, besides benefiting from the BioForce pitching and hitting mechanics expertise and proven methods, you’ll also be evaluated and educated by likely the best Physical Therapist in the country for shoulder and elbow health for pitchers, Donn Dimond, PT, OCS.

It’s incredible what Donn has done for some of our pitchers. He’s really increased their shoulder flexibility and shoulder strength. He’s improved their endurance….and in many cases, provided the platform for the pitchers to increase their velocity and hitters to increase their power.

I feel so strongly about Donn’s great skills that I’ve had him work with both of my sons and we’ve seen some incredible improvements in both of them. Both of my boys are college baseball players.

His incredible wealth of information will open your eyes to….

  • How much mobility your shoulder needs
  • How much strength your shoulder should have
  • How much core strength you need
  • And best of all, you’ll learn where your strength and mobility are in relation to MLB pitchers and hitters.

No more guessing. No more wondering.

You’ll find out what has been holding you back from making some incredible velocity and power gains or what’s keeps you from finishing a game.

“I went to the BioForce Baseball Academy for a period of six weeks from the Dominican Republic to improve my pitching mechanics and gain some velocity. During my initial evaluation, we found that I had a shoulder problem that was holding me back from gaining velocity. But still, with that minor setback, the BioForce trainers did an excellent job improving my conditioning, my mechanics, and the mental aspect of the game. I would recommend BioForce to any pitcher who wants to improve their game from Little Leaguers to Major Leaguers.”
Juan Marichal, Jr
Son of hall of fame pitcher, Juan Marichal

Who Else Will Be Training me?

Don’t think the only instructors working with you will be me, Richard Todd from WebBall and Donn. We’ve got some incredible talent to help keep the ballplayers busy and learning the nuances of the sport. One of our long-time BioForce instructors will be working with each student.

A real All-Star staff to help you build your baseball career.

A great friend and college pitching coach, John Dunn will be there to help with all the players. John comes from a great lineage of coaches. His father, Jack Dunn, is in the national coaches Hall of Fame.

I’ve known John for many years, and there are few people in the country that have the passion to work with young baseball players than John. He will put a smile on everyone’s face.

I almost forgot, my good friend and personal massage therapist, Wes Myers will be there too. He will talk about your muscles, how they affect your performance, and will help you identify tight areas of your body. I know you might be thinking about massages… I felt that way too until he fixed one of our pitchers back… and my shoulder. This guy is good…no he’s great at what he does. So much that he is the Portland Trailblazers therapist. He works on these guys all year round to help with their performance and recovery. So we aren’t talking about a guy giving advanced back-scratches here. This is real therapy.

The Camp Sounds Interesting Bill, But What Else Will I Learn?

I don’t want you to get the impression that this is just a pitching and hitting mechanics camp.

Been there, done that.

We will talk about and work on pitching and hitting mechanics. But not in the sense that everyone else does. Not the old school, ball-against-the-wall, flex-t, point your toe here, don’t cross over, get-on-top, get your balance point, squish-the-bug, stay back old school and conventional wisdom teaches.

You see, we feel there are only a few principles (some call them fundamentals) that the best pitchers and hitters in the game follow to be the best.

Great pitchers and hitters do these same things exceptionally well. They all just look differently doing them because each has his own style.

You’ll even see a lot of videos of some great modern ballplayers and many from the past and how they relate to our principles.

We won’t try to get you to be a BioForce clone or any other type of clone. You’ll keep your personal and natural style.

That’s the great thing about our camp….we teach principles, not style. It’s like an autograph. You’ll get to know your own Biomechanical signature. It’s your personal style.

And there’s a ton more to learn and do at the 3-day camp.

On the Pitching sides, we will work on….

  • How to master many different pitches.
  • The strategic side of pitching. How to set up hitters and what to look for.
  • Pick-off moves and how to hold runners.
  • The mental and emotional side of training, competing, and goal setting.
  • Our pitching fundamentals and how they relate to gaining velocity, improved control, other pitches, and keeping the shoulder, elbow and body healthier.
  • Very productive drills to help you achieve better results.
  • A great pre-game and pre-practice warm up routine.
  • Conditioning tips for better performance and arm care for both in-season and off-season.
  • Better communication skills with your coach and teammates.
  • How to work with difficult coaching.
  • Recruiting tips and strategies to get college scholarships.
  • If arm issues do come up, if and when you should see a doctor and what types of doctors to see.
  • And….How many pitches are appropriate to help you minimize the risk of injury!

“All I can say is that you need to try it in order to see the results. You can be satisfied with being a good pitcher, or you can push yourself to be a phenomenal one. BioForce is the first step in the right direction.”

Ben S.
BioForce Student and College Pitcher

On the Hitting side, we will work on….

  • How to adjust many different pitches.
  • The strategic side of hitting. How to develop a highly successful hitting approach.
  • Our hitting fundamentals and how they contribute to power, consistency, and bat control.

Sounds Like this Could Cost an Arm and a Leg?

I mentioned earlier, this will not be the cheap $99 - 150 kids, bulk pitching clinic.

This clinic is specifically designed for the dedicated baseball player, age 10 to 20 who has the burning desire to improve his game, find out what is holding him back, and reach incredible heights.

Private training at our academy runs anywhere from $90 per hour to $135 per hour.

I know Donn’s physical evaluations run about $200.

We will have an evaluation session Friday night, November 6th for about 3 hours. On Saturday, you can expect at least 5-6 hours of instruction and about 4 on Sunday.

That’s about 12 hours of intense, hands-on instruction, not to mention the wealth of information you’ll receive.

Do the math. That’s between $1,000 to $1,600 worth of information and instruction.

We’ve priced this special camp at only $299 per player. And we are only accepting 30 students at this time.

Not only will you walk away with this great information and instruction, Donn, Richard, John, and I will throw in 5 special bonuses valued at almost $550 as an incentive to act now to reserve one of the 30 spots available.

My Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How many lesson givers out there will stand behind their instruction? Not many I bet.

We do.

Here’s the deal. I feel so strongly about the quality of information and instruction in this camp that I will refund your money if you are not happy after the first evening. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the 3-day camp after Friday evening, I will cut you a check and refund the full amount of the training camp…and quick..

And you can keep the special bonuses below.

If you’re still a bit gun shy, I’ll include 5 great special bonuses to help get you over the top on the decision.

Special Bonus # 1 A $250 value

I’ve asked Donn, and he has graciously agreed, to include a full shoulder and elbow exam, as well as a core strength evaluation for each participant. You’ll get exact measurements of your shoulder strength.

And…’ll know how you compare to major league pitchers.

And Wes will take a look to see if you have any knots anywhere holding you back.

Special Bonus # 2 A $135 value

We will not only watch videos of some great pitchers of the past and present, we will also film your pitching and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll take notes and create a game plan for future improvement.

We will also send you via email a copy of your video analysis so you can have a permanent record of your experience.

Special Bonus # 3 A $65 value

You will leave with a manual and an outline of the information you gathered during the 3-day camp, so there won’t be any “I wish I could remember what I learned” comments a week later.

Special Bonus # 4 A $100 value

For the first time ever, we will include a special link to a website for a FREE home version of the software we use to analyze pitchers and hitters. You’ll be able to capture video of your pitching or hitting, watch it forward and backward, and send the clip to us and get feedback if you would like. This is a tool every serious ball player should have in his arsenal.

Special Bonus # 5 A $50 value

For the first time ever, we will offer you a FREE follow up session using the FREE software we will have you download. Just capture some game action or a workout and upload it to BioForce and a short time later, voila, you have a personalized critique of your pitching or hitting.

All these special bonus items equal the price of the camp. Not to mention the great instruction you will receive.

One of my all-time favorite movies is Field of Dreams. If you remember, Ray built the baseball field out of faith and passion for something he truly believed in. I can hear the deep voice of James Earl Jones’ character, Terence, telling him, “People will come, Ray. They'll come to Iowa for reasons they can't even fathom. They'll turn up your driveway, not knowing for sure why they're doing it. They'll arrive at your door, innocent as children, longing for the past.”

Terence could feel something special was happening.

That’s the same feeling Richard, Donn, John, Wes, and I have about our 3-day camps. There’s something really special brewing.

People will come Bill…Send this letter to folks who are passionate about baseball, and they will come….

Remember, the spots are limited, so act quickly.

Keep training like a champion today!

P.S. Bonus materials worth over $550….a personal money-back guarantee….find out what might be holding you back….priceless! Give us a call, email, fax….or better yet, sign up online right now. Remember, there will be only 30 spots available so act quickly!

“I wish I would have looked into it sooner. My son has developed so much in just a few sessions that I wish I had started him a couple of years ago.”
Gary C.
Father of a BioForce Elite Pitcher

Camp Itinerary

BioForce 3-Day Elite Pitching Training Camp

Friday, Nov. 6th, 2009 6pm to about 9 pm (Evaluations/Video)

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 2009

9 am to 12 pm (Group Education)

Lunch on your own

12 to 1:30  

Afternoon Session

1:30pm to 4:30 pm (Breakout Sessions)
Sunday, Nov 8th, 2009 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (Breakout Sessions)

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